We will stand up for Gibraltar in Europe


leading Liberal Democrat candidate for the European Parliament for the Gibraltar and South West England constituency.

I look forward to coming to Gibraltar to campaign with you later this week. And to campaign with my fellow candidate Luke Stagnetto, a Gibraltarian, to represent you in the European Parliament. 

Part of the morning we will spend in Main Street. Come and join us. I want to hear your views on the things which matter most to you.

I know how important self determination is to the people of Gibraltar. You – and you alone - must be free to decide the future of your country.

I will defend your right to decide your own future.

Every child born in St Bernard’s will grow up as a Gibraltarian and as a European. We must not allow Madrid to turn back the pages of history.

But to secure our children’s future we must protect Gibraltar from the dangers of Brexit.

The UK Government’s policy on Brexit has been a disaster for Britain, with job losses in banking, electronics and the car industry. And Brexit hasn’t even happened yet!

For Gibraltar, Brexit means more trouble from Madrid. Spanish pressure on the EU has already led to Gibraltar being called a ‘colony’ in EU law!

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn both support Brexit. Only the Liberal Democrats can stop it.

Jobs and services in Gibraltar depend on free movement across the border.

Luke Stagnetto and I will work with the Government of Gibraltar and the Cross-Frontier Group to keep the border open. We will try to work with MEPs and others of all nationalities who care about good cross-frontier relations. We will stand up for Gibraltar in Europe to safeguard jobs and free movement.

We will protest in Europe about Spanish incursions into our territorial waters. These have already caused serious near-misses. They put human lives at risk.

Gibraltar has made great steps forward over the years. This progress must be defended. Liberal Democrats want a healthy natural environment too.

We will seek to build on the work which Sir Graham Watson did in his years as your MEP to get the best out of Brussels for local people. Graham was firm and resolute in the defence of Gibraltar. He stood up for your interests and corrected the misinformation being circulated by Spain. I pledge that I will do the same if I get elected to the European Parliament with your support.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party both to contain a firm pledge to Gibraltar in our election manifesto and to have a Gibraltarian on their list of candidates. This speaks for itself.

To vote for your Gibraltarian candidate you must place an X next to Liberal Democrat in the ballot paper.

The best interests of Gibraltar lie in the European Union, together with the United Kingdom.

Vote Liberal Democrat and do what is best for Gibraltar.