Dignity At Work Group

Dignity at Work Group say they are 'very concerned at the lack of progress in making our places of work a safe and dignified environment free from all forms of bullying and harassment.' The numerous delays experienced, makes it in the public interest to make this known. 

*The Dignity at Work Policy and Procedure for the public and civil service has been in place since 2013.

**The Employment (Bullying at work) Act 2014 has been in place since September of the same year.

In these two documents HMGoG clearly states the Employers commitment to: *“provide its staff… a working and learning environment that is free from all forms of bullying”*

It further states that, *“HMGoG has a corporate responsibility to take active steps to minimise the level of bullying within its departments, Agencies, Authorities and HMGoG owned Companies and to actively promote the wellbeing of its staff.”*

and *“HMGoG will train managers. Such training shall be mandatory and information in the form of literature will subsequently be made available to all staff.”*

The Schedule within the legislation reads as follow:

**“(g) arrangements to train all those occupying any position of managerial authority with the employer in the Policy and to inform all employees of the Policy;”**

DAWG are committed to ensuring that these and other procedures are effectively acted on. There are members and non-members, employees and others that are being negatively affected by the lack of implementation of these procedures. We believe that there is no valid moral reason or excuse to the continued delays to have the above policy and legislation adhered to effectively.

'We have seen the publication of important surveys, independently conducted, overwhelmingly demonstrating the high levels of bullying that is happening in our places of work, namely in the RGP, HM Customs and other areas.

'Given the staggering percentages presented and known devastating negative effects of bullying DAWG strongly urges HMGoG to come to the realisation that the longer the delays continue the more victims of bullying it will be responsible for.

-The Dignity At Work Group (DAWG) are represented by:

The Gibraltar NASUWT, Gibraltar General and Clerical Association, (GGCA), Unite the Union, (UTU) and Dignity At Work Now, (DAWN).