These are the colonies of the EU

Dear Sir,

Given the track record of nastiness of spanish politicians (of all colours, past and present), when the Brexit referendum was held, the majority in Gibraltar genuinely believed that our interests would be safe guarded by staying in the EU. 

However, with the benefit of hindsight, now that it is obvious that the EU has caught moronitis from spain, and the EU has allowed itself to be misguided and wrongfooted into taking decisions and making absurd statements against us, this time I will be voting with my heart and not my brain in the forthcoming EU elections.

After the way the EU has behaved towards Gibraltar will I vote for the Remainers?

Firstly, the EU with an apparent gross lack of knowledge of UNCLOS, were stupidly duped by the spanish nasties into designating our waters to spain, and inconceivably allowed a spanish judge and magistrate to make a ruling over Gibraltar (although this never altered the fact that Gibraltar waters are, and always will be British)!!!

Secondly and most shamefully, the EU with the utmost malice and for no good reason, gifted two disgraceful vetoes to spain, disrespecting our rights as EU citizens!

Thirdly, the EU has once again been conned and describes us as a colony, when we have more autonomy than any of the miserable 27 member states that are all COLONIES OF THE EU, with Spain the largest and most financially dependent on the EU, and with the most to lose from Brexit!

It really makes you wonder what next? Will the spaniards get Juncker drunk and set him up to utter “Gibraltar expanol”!!!?

For all of the above reasons, and because the referendum result was in favour of Brexit, I will be voting for the Brexit party.

Yours faithfully,

Isabella Caruana-(Montegriffo