Andrew Mackinlay, who for 18 years was the Labour Member of Parliament for Thurrock, and a good friend of Gibraltar, has urged Labour Party ‘Remain’ supporting members to vote Liberal Democrat in the European elections on Thursday, Mr Mackinlay said. 

"Week after week people like myself have, with bated breath, expected and hoped for an unambiguous, unequivocal declaration by Jeremy Corbyn that the Labour Party would demand a People's Vote.

"Sadly, this has not been forthcoming. We have now run out of time. The gravity of the situation now demands that all people who believe in maintaining the unity of the United Kingdom, and its indivisible bond with the people of a Gibraltar, understand that this will best be achieved by continuing membership of the European Union.”

He added: "We can make a proud and an unashamed declaration of these beliefs in this Thursday's European elections. I shall vote for the Liberal Democrats list, a list that includes a young and dynamic Gibraltarian, Luke Stagnetto.

No matter how one tries, or would like it to be otherwise, any reasonable person has to conclude that the Labour Party's position is, at best, incoherent, inconsistent and totally lacking in leadership.

“I have spent 52 years in continuous and uninterrupted membership of the Labour Party.

"It hurts very much to have to reach the decision that I have today. The future of the United Kingdom and Gibraltar is of paramount importance to me and the only major party representing my beliefs in the European Union are the Liberal Democrats.

“An important message will be sent by maximising the number of the Liberal Democrat MEPs elected this Thursday."