Learning Disability Review completed

A multi-disciplinary group, led by the Minister with responsibility for persons with disabilities, Neil F. Costa and the Care Agency, has completed a review of services available for persons with learning disabilities. The Working Group, which includes officials within the fields of Education, Health and Social Care, conducted the review with the aim of making recommendations for developments throughout the current services to best meet the needs of our community. 

The review has been conducted in close collaboration with service users and their loved ones, who have provided invaluable feedback to the Working Group. One of the issues identified by the Working Group was the fact that Paediatric Health Services ceased service delivery at the age of 16, including service delivery to children with disabilities. A comprehensive multi-disciplinary team typically supports children with disabilities, consisting of medical consultants, educators, and other allied health practitioners. This virtually disappears on their 16th birthday, when they transition to working with a General Practitioner at the Primary Care Centre.