Port Authority Attends 10th European Bunker Fuel Conference in Amsterdam

The Gibraltar Port Authority was recently invited to take part in the 10th European Bunker Fuel Conference held in Amsterdam. 

John Ghio, Deputy Captain of the Port, participated in panel discussions on setting the shipping, bunkering and energy sectors’ strategies in the route towards the enforcement of the IMO cap once it comes into place and the preparations which Gibraltar Port is making in this regard.

This cap is being introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) who will be enforcing a new 0.5% global sulphur cap on fuel content from 1 January 2020, lowering from the present 3.5% limit. The global fuel sulphur cap is part of the IMO’s drive for sustainability in shipping, by steadily improving the environmental performance of shipping.

The event also offered the opportunity for senior executives from around the world to meet and learn from industry experts and network with their peers, helping to set the agenda for energy and commodity policy and sustainability on a global scale.

John also met with some of the Port’s partners based in the Netherlands during his trip.

Manuel Tirado, CEO and Captain of the Port commented that invitations to events such as these continued to demonstrate the importance of Gibraltar Port within the bunkering and shipping community.