Sour Grapes from Together Gibraltar who do nothing to tackle Climate Emergency

The latest statement from Together Gibraltar on the Climate Emergency attempts to address a number of different issues and ends up addressing none at all. Their statement, trying to hijack and wanting to spoil the most successful World Environment Day Gibraltar has seen, is both miss-timed and inaccurate, says Government. 

It adds: The Parliament of Gibraltar, on the instigation of the Government, has been among the first to declare a Climate Emergency. This was followed up quickly on 23 May with the publication of a Climate Change Bill which, if approved by Parliament, will set out relevant commitments in law.

The speed with which Government has moved from the declaration to legislation is practically unprecedented for any issue. It is therefore unfair for Together Gibraltar to claim otherwise.

The Party also raise the issue of car parking spaces under new schools as if they had just heard about it, when the subject has been discussed ad nauseum, including in answer to Parliament Questions, where the security angle has been more than covered. Strict allocation of spaces and round-the-clock security are measures that have already been explained. Additionally, the school construction is such that fumes will simply not be possible to enter the school buildings. They criticise schools being constructed next to roads, as if Gibraltar had areas away from roads which are accessible and where schools can be built.

Given the size of Gibraltar, it is a long established practice to construct car parking under or in close proximity to buildings. Indeed, successive Governments have provided car parking for residents under their homes in different residential estates all over Gibraltar. The parking under Notre Dame School, for example, also provided a drop-off area for parents and has been very well received. In making such statements Together Gibraltar betray their total lack of experience in leading, organising and decision-making.