Dear Sir,

Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar would like to thank you all for your very generous donation of the beautiful handmade "Love Pillows" and "Drainage Bags" which will make a real difference to breast cancer patients and survivors. Your hard work is very much appreciated. 

We were overwhelmed by the community's response when we requested on social media, the need for the "Love Pillows" and "Drainage Bags" for the hospital and Cancer Relief.

We are extremely grateful to the following groups and individuals:-

Sea Master Lodge Knitting Club

Mrs Joanna Becerra

Mrs Geraldine Hanglin

Mrs Yvette Gomez

Mrs Brenda Alman

Mrs Marisa Zarb

Mrs Debbie Ruiz

Mrs Tamara Colton

Mrs Jennifer Fernandez

Mrs Ivana Mascari

Mrs Diane Bautista

Mrs Vivien Mesilio

Mrs Sandra Capano

Mrs Sandra Ignacio

Thank you once again for your invaluable support.

"No-one can help everyone, but everyone help someone".

Best wishes

Mercy Posso


Breast Cancer Support Gibraltar