The RGP says it is aware of members of the public having been receiving text messages along the lines of:

“Important I saw your private pictures and your document identity copy here go urgent to delete them.” 

The RGP advise anyone receiving these messages not to click on the link provided. Whilst the massage may be of concern to some, the fact is that what those behind the messages are trying to do is for innocent victims to click on the link, at which point the perpetrators will be able to complete their endeavour.

The RGP’s ongoing generic advice is that members of the public should not respond to emails or text messages from persons they are unacquainted with, particularly when these include unknown hyperlinks or originate from locations in which they have no families, friends or business relationships.


Meanwhile, the Gibraltar Police Federation says it strongly condemns the comments made on social media where it is stated that the incident which occurred last Friday at Watergardens was instigated by an off duty police officer that was under the influence.

"The unfounded comments made on social media platforms are derogatory and only serve to undermine public perception in the Police and our members.

"The incident in question was a highly volatile situation which was handled in a professional and efficient manner by all officers at the scene.

"We totally support the Royal Gibraltar Police in their comments to the press regarding this matter," said chairman Maurice Morello, Chairman.