“Who We Are”

“Who We Are”

The Ministry of Equality has delivered a presentation to the Gibraltar Youth Services management team and youth club members of all 4 Youth Clubs in the Youth Services Headquarters at Line Wall Road. The presentation titled “Who We Are” introduced the Ministry of Equality team and explained the varied work undertaken by the Ministry. 

Gibraltar is an inclusive society, but it should not be taken for granted. Equality inclusion is something which needs to be constantly nurtured, in particular with the younger generation, who will in future be in a position to make changes. Positive values and the need for positive changes need to be highlighted from a very young age so that it becomes the norm and the baseline from which to make progress investments.

The presentation proved to be very popular, nearly 40 members and youth workers attended. The event gave attendees an opportunity to participate in a number of fun activities where the objective was to show the diversity of people and how everybody should be treated equally, these activities also encouraged group interaction and teamwork and also helped them to learn from each other.

Minister Samantha Sacramento said “It is very encouraging to see how youth members from Gibraltar Youth Services embrace the Equality concepts presented by my Ministry’s team. It is very important that issues relating to Equality and inclusion are instilled in our youth, at every opportunity, in order to ensure that Gibraltar continues to thrive and remain a welcoming community, for many years to come.”