It's like selling the Crown Jewels

Dear Sir,

I was listening to the Budget on T.V. that the GSLP and Liberal are going to sell the other 50% of some of the new buildings that they have built to a private equity company. When the young Gibraltarians that bought their first properties, they bought thinking that the other half was going to be owned by the Gibraltar Government. But now appears that the Government will be selling the other 50% off, this can’t be right. How can a Government sell their assets which are really supposed to be looked after and cherished by the Government? 

This is one thing that any Government should not do, it’s like selling the Crown Jewels, which in one way or another goes against the grain. It seems as if they are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of us the electorate who voted them into power, it seems as if they have over spent and are trying to balance the books.

First of all, who are these firms that are willing to buy Government Assets this 50%, what is the amount of cash being offered? Before the Government decided to sell this 50%, they should have informed the young Gibraltarians before they bought their properties of their intentions, I guarantee that quite a few young Gibraltarians would not have bought the 50% if they would have known that the other 50% was going to be owned by a private company, who might up the price of the remaining 50%. No investor in the world or private company would spend a huge amount of money 100’s of thousands of pounds or maybe millions if they are not going to make profit out of it.

How are these young Gibraltarian going to know whether they are going to own the other half of their properties or not in years to come. Tell me Mr Picardo, in years to come when you are not in office any more you will see for yourself that these firms who bought the 50% will come up with a new clause in the Lease that will change the whole state of the Agreement that your Government has sold to a private company will not be able to do anything.

In reality the properties that these Young Gibraltarians have bought could end up being a noose around their necks as they may not be able to afford to purchase it unless the 50% is guaranteed. There is always a catch when any one buys a lease property owned by a private company.

Who will be paying for your mistakes, it will be the young Gibraltarians that have bought these Lease hold properties?

A lot of the other issues that you have brought in the Budget does not make any sense, also you have not bothered to answer properly some the questions that were asked by the GSD previous to the Budget.

This New Project appears to give away to some investors a valuable asset without any of them putting down money what so ever for the project. The Gibraltar Government Re-mortgaging these New Apartment Blocks to build and Finance this New Complex ( Just like the GSD said in the House Of Assembly Just For the Rich And Nothing For The Locals Or Poor). In my opinion it appears to be a friend of a friend for their benefit like it has always been with this three parties we have in Gibraltar at the moment, and not for the benefit of Gibraltar.

If this Building Contractor that is supposed to have no money to take on this Huge Project, what is going to be their Collateral if they go Under or Bust as others have done before. Is the GSLP & Liberal going to take them to court to recover the money, or make a claim against, what type of Assets these firms and Directors have?

It will be just like the GSD did when they were in power, they wasted Millions of Pounds of Government Money on unfinish Projects given to an unscrupulous contractor that had to be redone at the cost of 100’s of thousands of pounds all over again of the Tax Payer.

The GSLP and Liberal in the time they have been in power they have sent young Gibraltarians to Universities in the UK which is great, but have not created any Proper Apprenticeships jobs for the Young Gibraltarians in Gibraltar. It is absolutely a great shame and disgrace as you all talk about it since you have been in Government but have not done anything about it.

There are quite a lot of Gibraltarians that are not very academic but on the practical side they could become very good tradesmen. If only your Government would have given them a chance of a skilled vocation, that is what Gibraltar needs, good tradesmen for the future. You would not have to keep on bringing worker’s in from Abroad and keep what we spent in house in Gibraltar.

Myself and some of my friends did vote for the GSLP but not anymore you have not kept to your word. The first meeting you had in Mackintosh Hall before the election your party made promises but very few you have kept.

Another matter, yourselves and the GSD have created a concrete jungle of Gibraltar you have ruined the Cultural Hermitage of the buildings completely with all these appalling buildings everywhere. I know you need infrastructure and buildings for the economy of Gibraltar but not in the way that you have all gone about it only for a certain few. The Planning Department is also at fault for allowing these monstrosities of ugly buildings to be built and taking away the right of light to other buildings and tenants. In my opinion the Planning Department need to go back to square one, and look themselves what damage and destruction you the Planning Department have done to our Gibraltar it is a disgrace. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

So, I do suggest to the Young Youth of Gibraltar not to vote on the next Election either for the GSLP or Liberal or the GSD because they are only there for themselves and have no intention of creating any further apprenticeship employment for the Young Gibraltarians. And vote for Mrs Marlene Hassan Nahon her New Party because she is the only one that makes any sense and really cares about the people of Gibraltar. I did see her on Gib T.V House Of Assembly on her Budget and the majority what she came up with did make sense and was for the good of all the people of Gibraltar especially to elderly and need which is very important. So good luck to her and her party in the next election.

Yours Faithfully,

Francis Rodriguez