Spain complains about British military at Gibraltar while refuelling Russian warships in Ceuta

Double standards from Spain are well known especially when it comes to Gibraltar, the British overseas territory which Spain ceded to Britain over 300 years ago - and wants it back! This was described as a 'ridiculous' claim by Gibraltarian representatives at the UN this week. 

Not only that, but as the UK Defence Journal has pointed out, one day Spain complains about the British military presence in Gibraltar and then the next day, refuels a Russian warship in its own overseas territory of Ceuta!

Spanish ambassador Santos said at a UN meeting on decolonisation that Spain sought the return of Gibraltar and the “illegally occupied” isthmus. Mr Santos said that since 1963, Gibraltar had been included on the UN list of territories subject to decolonisation.

“And there it remains, which demonstrates beyond doubt that the relationship between Gibraltar and the United Kingdom is colonial in nature,” he said.

“Additionally, and though it might seem obvious to mention it, I have to note that in both cases, military installations lie at the heart of the matter”, he added.

Meanwhile, across from Gibraltar in the Mediterranean "at the Spanish colony of Ceuta, a Russian Navy warship is being refuelled," reports the UK Defence Journal.

It is being recalled that, last year, the Russian cruiser Marshal Ustinov was refuelled in Spain after operations in Syria, despite fresh sanctions against Russia.

The American government, backed by statements from NATO officials, had announced additional sanctions against Russia over its ongoing occupation of Crimea and its interference in eastern Ukraine.

Spain is frequently under pressure from NATO allies not to allow the refuelling of the Russian warships but does so anyway, says a report from George Allison, who has a keen interest in naval defence technology and cyber security matters.


Meanwhile, the says that Spain refuels Russian ships despite NATO pressure, and says UK has to leave Gibraltar!

"Madrid has raised fresh complaints about British military presence in Gibraltar while continuing to resist NATO pressure to bar the Russian navy from refueling at the nearby port of Ceuta," it reports.

And adds: The Spanish ambassador to the United Nations, Agustín Santos Maraver, called out the UK for their military installations in Gibraltar during a scathing speech to the UN Committee on Decolonization on Monday.

But the patrol ship Vasily Bykov of the Russian Navy has docked at the port of Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa. The refuelling visit suggests that the Spanish authorities are more comfortable with the Russian military than with the presence of its former colonial foe, Britain.

The RT com goes on to say that Spain has repeatedly come under pressure from its NATO allies to stop allowing Russian warships to refuel in Ceuta. The government of conservative PM Mariano Rajoy caved in and halted the practice in 2016, but it was resumed after the 2018 election victory of socialist PM Pedro Sanchez.