Take cover, el sporting world is coming to our Gibraltar

Take cover, el sporting world is coming to our Gibraltar

Blimey, con el sporting ministron de Linares, he thinks que sportsmen from the whole wide world will be coming to Gibraltar to make use of our new equipment, as if the world did not have what we are going to have now. 

Querida Cynthia, I imaginate que lo que dijo has been recorded for use when required, porque if you ask me, or my husband, it's quite a gamble to hope to recover millions porque alguien dice que van a venir - y si no vienen, my dear?

Well, you can imaginate el tangai que se va a armar, porque los facilities for the Island Games are costing us

a fortune, my dear.

Bueno, let's hope que we don't score an own goal, porque la cosa esta mantecosa.

Don't worry, Cloti dear, porque cuando terminen los Games we can remove everything we put in and sell it for chatarra, what else?

No creo que sera tan drastic, pero I cannot see the world's sportsmen queueing up, day in day out, to do their things here, oh well we shall see, pirulin.

And my darling husband, often called a proper Charlie por llamarse Charlie, says he doesn't know porque we didn't build a new football stadium when we are now putting other sports things in the place that was a no-go area?

Eso no lo entiende nadie, if you ask me, pero es que Gibraltar esta dando tumbo, if you know what I mean.

Really, I don't know what you mean, but if you say so, I believe you.

Anyway, if we keep thinking big we will end up winning the World Cup of football, that should be simple, all we have to do is score goals.

Absolutely, como se entere algun seneca se lo apunta, I mean en un buen dia de levanter no hay quien nos gane, so kicks por si pega. Ciao.

Adios blancaflor.