We are aware that Politics will be Politics and that this year will be an election year. It is well known that politicians will raise their own view on public matters. However we take exception to references made to Britannia by the GSD. 

Britannia competed in a stringent European Union tender along with 3 other companies.

The tender conditions and document were clear that the Government assets were to be made available to the successful tenderer. It is evident that the Opposition has not obtained factual information on the nature of the tender. This could have been requested at the time the process was going on and have raised concerns then, they had sufficient time in which to do this. It would seem very opportunistic to do so now.

Britannia has inherited a depleted and tired fleet of vehicles. We have had to overspend considerably on manpower to be able to do our very best in view of this, and bear in mind we have a fixed contract and not a cost plus 10% as my predecessor was awarded.

The Government has, in the latest public statement explained that once the recent budget had been approved it would commit to invest in new machinery and vehicles.

For the record and of significant importance to note, the fleet of machinery that our predecessor inherited was brand new and paid for by the tax payer. This the decision of the Government of the day. New machinery was added to the fleet, again at the tax payers expense, periodically by the Government of the day.

The main Opposition party indeed makes reference to the lack of rain. We have reports from MeteoGib to be able to confidently state that it has been a very dry winter by Gibraltar standards and in spite of this very few complaints or public statements have been received during this period. Surely if Britannia’s cleaning was inadequate it would have been exposed during the extremely dry first nine months of operations.

The last paragraph of the GSD statement implies that Britannia, and myself as owner, are taking the taxpayer for a ride and only aim at making profits. I am of the view that these comments can be construed as inciteful, intended to influence public opinion against my company, my person and my employees. Britannia’s management and workforce have enough on our plate with the acknowledged lack of machinery as well as the highlighted civic pride issues as identified by the knowledgeable Gibraltarian public to have the burden of being used as political pawns. We would be grateful if more attention is focused to working together as a Community to have a clean Gibraltar.

Paul Collado,

Managing Director