David J Diaz

The 2019 Island Games are underway and Saturday's opening ceremony won't be remembered for it's glorious sunshine. Despite the blustery weather, a lot of people came out in their masses to witness the spectacle live. It was our first time hosting the event since 1995 and everyone couldn't wait. 

To kick off the event we were treated to a performance of the HM Royal Marines. Their performance got everyone clapping along and brought quite a significant amount of flair to enhance the atmosphere and it worked. Their set was the perfect appetiser for what was going to happen.

Now it was time for the athletes to step onto the arena. First up was the first island of Gotland. They were met with rapturous applause and rightfully so. This was just made the spectators all the more excited especially when Team Gibraltar stepped onto the arena. The smallest team was the island of Sark. They only paraded with two competitors Nick Dewe and Stefan Roberts.


It was a proud moment once Team Gibraltar stepped onto the arena as they were met with a terrific applause and rightfully so. Their flags came in handy for sure as they used them to beat the cold winds.

Shortly after the traditional water fountain was filled, we heard from Chairman Jorgen Peterson first who stated and remarked to both Minister For Sport Steven Linares and Linda Alvarez. Chairperson Linda Alvarez herself competed in the Games back in 1987 and was part of the organising committee in 1995. She went out of her way to thank the 700+ volunteers and highlighted the importance of the new facilities which were a legacy for those future talented sportsmen and women.

For his part The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said about the brand new Europa Point Stadium that that it was the most spectacular place to kick off the Games. Where Europe meets Africa and where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic.

As a part of the entertainment, we were treated to a brand new initiative by the multi talented Nathan Conroy. Nathan's initiative called Recycle Junkies combined an array of dance as well as a drum collective made up of some seasoned drummers from the local music scene; Francis Pecino, Arturo Bonich, Edu Chacon García, Mark Galliano and Jenson Callejon. Also featuring were Joelle Montegriffo, Iain Payne and of course Nathan himself.