Victoria Keys to terrible stench

Having a walk around the site of the proposed new development to he called VICTORIA KEYS, I noticed a terrible stench in the atmosphere of rotten fish. On exploring further, I noticed that a number of huge pontoons full of dead mussels attached to their underside have been left for months on end to rot in the sun. 

I wonder if this unpleasant and odorous spectacle represents a health hazard as these pontoons have been placed right behind the Mental Health Community Team at Coaling Island who, by the way, have my total respect for the wonderful work they carry out helping psychologically many members of our community???

Apart from being a heinous act of disrespect to this institution, its professional members and all the clients who have to attend on a daily basis it is also an eyesore.

Furthermore, there is a club next-door called The Boatowners Club who dispose of a restaurant and it can't be pleasant to have the rotten smell of mussels wafting into their kitchen and restaurant.

It amazes me that no one has complained publicly. If some of the people affected may have complained then the relevant authorities responsible for this sickening health hazard have done nothing to remove this.

Are the developers, Government or whoever is responsible going to remove this problem now or are they going to wait until the luxury apartments are built, so as not to offend the sensibilities and nostrils of the rich people who will be buying properties at Victoria Keys?

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully.

Tito Valerga