New Bishop Fitzgerald School

New Bishop Fitzgerald School

The plans for the new Bishop Fitzgerald School have now been completed and agreed by the school and have been signed off.

The school has been designed to cater for an expansion in the school population and will be able to cater for a six form entry (currently it is a five form entry). There will be enhanced facilities for science and art, and other specialist rooms, a sports hall, and a Learning Support facility hub. 

The new school will be located at its present site and construction will commence once it has been temporarily relocated to the old St Anne’s School site.

The Minister said, ”This is the seventh school whose design has been signed off. The current school is a very tired accumulation of buildings, mostly former MOD prefabricated strucrtures, and we simply can’t wait to move out. The teaching staff are to be commended for their exemplary work in challenging surroundings, and I personally thank them for their patience in waiting through all the discussions and iterations. We are finally there. Work will start within a few months and the school will be just amazing.”

Present at the signing ceremony were

Minister for Education John Cortes,

Acting Director of Education Keri Scott,

Ministry for Education Director of Estates Derek Alman, Head Teacher Lianne Parral and

Deputy Head Richard Reyes.