Government Determined to Tackle Building Maintenance and Refurbishment

The Government agrees that public buildings need to be adequately refurbished and maintained. That is why it is determined to carry this out in an organised and effective manner and not leave the problem for future generations to deal with. 

Indeed, action plans for the refurbishment and maintenance of public buildings have already been announced.

In the main, these buildings tend to be residential housing stock which have benefited from the highest investment in living memory since this Government came into office.

The refurbishment and lift-installation programme at Glacis Estate, Laguna Estate and Moorish Castle Estate will boost the living standards and environment for both tenants and visitors. It is important to recall that these estates have been given a much needed mega-uplift in a part of Gibraltar was once forgotten and neglected.

The three Projects have gone beyond their original and pre-determined scope due to additional works and other significant variations. This will complement the overall appearance of the Estate. It is regrettable that the works, like all construction, will cause inconvenience but the finished product will be worth it.

It is important to note that these estates will not be maintained by themselves. That is why Government is determined to implement an effective maintenance programme so that they do not fall into disrepair once again.

Housing Minister Samantha Sacramento made this abundantly clear during the course of the debate on the budget.

There are already detailed plans in place for the refurbishment of the Parliament building, including the provision of lift access for those who are unable to use the steep staircase. The refurbishment was delayed by the heritage issues which have surrounded the installation of a lift. There was clearly no point in carrying out refurbishment works without knowing where the lift would be located.

The Engineer Lane car park has been the subject of vandalism ever since it opened.

In addition to all this, the Government has also set out on an ambitious project of urban renewal of Government pre-war properties in the Upper Town.