How Iranian oil unites local politicians

Leo Olivero

These are trying and difficult times for Gibraltar. But as the title of this report suggests this years Elections and Brexit have taken a back seat these last couple of weeks.

Iranian Crude Oil of all things, that unrefined petroleum  product, appears to have done what no other major issue or thing, crude or otherwise has done before in local politics ‘Unite the Gibraltar Parliament’.

The newly formed Gibraltar Parliamentary ‘Oily and Slippery Band of Brothers’ have at last united, involving themselves and being pulled into one major global ‘Geopolitical Issue’ concerning Iran, the UK and America and Gibraltar as the disposal wrapper!

Two weeks ago today Gibraltar politically and physically acted with force and made a hugely important global tension raising political decision, so we were told, one that potentially had the clout to destabilise, an already immensely tense war torn pressure cooker region of the world!

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