What’s wrong with having more MPs in parliament?

What’s wrong with having more MPs in parliament?

Gibraltar has been accustomed, ever since a ministerial system was introduced so many years ago, to all those candidates who get elected with the winning party to become ministers. So,at present there are ten ministers - and no backbenchers. 

But such a situation is something of a political oddity.

In British places, like Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, they have 24 elected members and 9 are ministers, 36 elected and 11 are ministers and 38 elected and 11 are ministers respectively.

And in British overseas territories like Bermuda (36 elected and 11 ministers) and Cayman Islands (18 elected and 7 ministers).

But in Gibraltar, out of 17 elected members, ten are ministers, who have a majority!

To suggest that MPs without governmental responsibilities are 'dead weight' is not to know the many committees etc in which such elected persons play important and useful roles.

Are we to say that the vast majority of MPs in the House of Commons, and in other parliaments, are simply wasting their time?

Come on, let's have less 'politiko and more common sense in our debates.