Leo Olivero

More weakness from FCO leads to more invasions

It’s incredible that after years and innumerable incidents including thousands of incursions into British/Gibraltar Waters by Spanish state vessels, who pretty much, do what they want. But made easy for them by the useless diplomatic exchanges between the British and Spanish Government and driven by the soft and quite hopeless FCO Gibraltar policy with Spain which is everything, that is wrong with the Gibraltar sovereignty issue with Spain. 

Incursions Are What They Are - Nothing Has Changed?

The situation regarding illegal incursions ‘are what they are nothing has changed’ and why people like me has spent the best part of 17 years writing about the same thing highlighting the principal issue of national importance where it involves the Rocks sovereignty and future aspirations.

This is a long running, but very sad and disturbing issue for me and for many other people no doubt. Also a frustrating one where the UK Government continues to fail and to let Gibraltar down and why we constantly ‘witness Spanish state vessels in BGTW take as much executive action as they like without an effective response from the FCO’.

So with all the commotion after last’s week Guardia Civil illegal visit into local waters ‘como en su casa’ where the same aggressive Spanish state actors proceeded to cut a local fisherman’s fishing line. This caused such uproar in Gibraltar, you could be forgiven for thinking the illegal incursion and sovereignty problem had suddenly entered our lives!

It was quite astonishing to hear the same predictable reaction from many in the community. Some people appeared to be going through the ‘motions-come-reaction’, it’s the same every time there is a half-serious incursion. When in reality incursions happen on most days of the week, where one attack (or incursion) on our sovereignty is as bad as the last.