The fourteen members that have put their names forward to run as candidates in the Together Gibraltar primary elections are: 

Jackie Anderson

Christiana Ballester

Nicholas Calamaro

Joseph Capurro

Daniel Ghio

Marlene Hassan Nahon

Sian Jones

Kamlesh Khubchand

John Montegriffo

Erika Pozo

Craig Sacarello

Neil Samtani

Tamsin Suarez

Edward J Wood 

The voting system will be as follows: The ballot will have 10 rows. The top row is reserved for the leadership role. The member will fill in the name of one single leader, and the person with the most votes will be selected party leader. The other 9 rows are reserved for the remaining 9 candidates of the slate. They will be numbered 2 to 10 and will express the order of preference of the member.

In order to do so, the votes will be weighted differently. The candidate in row 2 will receive 9 points, the candidate in row 3 will receive 8, the candidate in row 4 will receive 7 points, and so on.

With each movement down the scale of preference, the candidates will be assigned one point less, with the candidate in row 10 receiving a single point.

Voting opened yesterday and will close on Wednesday the 21st August at 9PM.