La Banda esta borracha

Blimey Cloti dear, I was waiting for your call yesterday but it never came, que pasa?

Don't really know , my dear Cynthia, but my phone was giving me trouble.

My dear, in this day and age, you could have used el WhatsApp? 

Not on my nelly, haven't you heard lo que ha dicho el police about los WhatsApp being wiped out, that's all I need.

I see what you mean, Cloti dear, eso que llaman fake, that's all we need que tu me pegue el resfriao que tiene tu WhatsApp or algo de eso.

Es que estas cosas tan moderna tienen crumbs

Bueno, y el enlargement parece que se ha quedado frozen, porque hoy por hoy if you stand for hellection con todo un programa, resulta que un protest decides, so I ask myself, what is the point of having an hellection ?

You have every reason, my dear, porque el democratic act is going to the hellection, not holding a protest in Main Street or even on the beach.

Must agree with you, es que el mundo esta dando unos turns que marea, oh dear, dear me.

If you ask my darling husband he says que having a 25-seat Parliament is rather small compared con los parliaments that exist in other small places like our Gibraltar.

My dear, es que our Gibraltar is kind of special, como los de Algeciras, but there you are, la banda esta borracha.

Oh well, la segunda sera la vencida, and now kicks por si pega, y que no sea nada lo del cuarto oscuro, turulu.

And say all of us, ta, ta for now.