There was a suggestion about the Queen’s Cinema

Dear sir,

Reference to GBC news report on TV of the 8TH of August 2019 about The Queen’s Cinema and its imminent demolition. It’s rather hurtful to say the least to hear on TV... “That when the site went out to expressions of interest on October 2017 nobody suggested keeping the cinema building”.

With respect and not wishing to offend the interest or sensibilities of anyone, as a citizen of Gibraltar without being rich or power, but a squeek, I certainly did suggest on the 3rd of December 2013 in keeping our Queen’s Cinema building at that time. I would like to point out to my letter that appeared in Panorama of the 3rd of December 2013, which was the following:

Don’t demolish the Queen’s Cinema

Dear Sir,

Reference to Panorama’s article letter pages 16, and 17 of 29th of November 2013 entitled: New theatre centre of Gibraltar cultural future. By Mr John .C. Culatto together with photo inset of our honourable: Minister for culture and heritage, Mr. Steven Linares. Our minister is right that doors should always be open like in his Ministry for those that have suggestions or have ideas, dream and visions regarding new events and new projects . Yes, it’s an excellent open door policy, and a good gesture from our GSLP /LIBERAL ALLIANCE GOVERNMENT for the public at large to put their views across aswell.

And one should, be thankful for that iniative from the Minister.

Now, on the question and reference of our Queen’s Cinema whether our Queen’s Cinema is to be: Converted, knocked down or what do we do? As our Minister suggests, I personally feel that it should (not) be destroyed/ demolished. On the contrary, it should be converted/refurbished, expert advise sought, and the interior upgraded to the high standards of theatres from around the world of a building of that size, and dimensions, like our Queen’s Cinema. Our Queens prestigious name like for example: Royal, Crown, should be protected, embraced. It could be a future success, and perhaps not a disappointment to have it converted.

Please, we don’t need another demolition like our “Theatre Royal which had been mercilessly demolished in spite of opposition.

Now! Finally. I would like to say and express that I live in a democracy and I have the right just as anyone else to express my views without any fear or favour. I’m not afraid !! And will not accept any further indirect reprisals as in the past, in any shape or form, on me, or members of my family.

I know exactly who you are, and where you work. So please Stop!

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully

Joseph Lezano