The wind of change takes our theatres, our cinemas away

There is no doubt that the Queen's Cinema brings back memories for many in our community, but so did the Theatre Royal, the Naval Trust Cinema... and they left at a time when the world had not changed to the internet and everything that offers in cinema entertainment preceded by television, of which there are nowadays some 200 channels.

So, why this inordinate fuss because the aging and unused Queen's Cinema is to be replaced by something else?

The cinema has not been active since time immemorial, it had its days and served its purpose, and even the owners kept it closed because time had moved on.

In the days of the Theatre Royal, which apart from being a theatre was also a cinema, its importance was immense - because there was no television, no internet, etc where nowadays one can watch films - and the latest films!

And yet, the Theatre Royal, despite its glory and despite public opposition, came to a close.

It may have been a veritable institution, it was a proper theatre in many respects, but it came to an end.

And what about the Naval Trust Cinema, so popular for so long. Because it was used for other entertainment as well as a cinema, and it was a large auditorium that enjoyed a capacity of some 1,000.

So, it is difficult to ask why this furore about the Queen's Cinema. And why through all the years of closure, not a whimper. Now, suddenly, it is another crisis!

Okay, nobody likes to knock anything down, but let's face it most people appeared to have forgotten that the empty and unused place actually existed.

And nowadays, with hundreds of TV channels, with all the latest films on the internet, etc, it's a new world. Of course, we should adore having a proper theatre... like the Theatre Royal, but that went with the wind of change.

We are sorry to see institutions that bring back memories coming to an end. But here, there and everywhere, it is a changing world, for better or for worse.

Hopefully, the John Mackintosh Hall initiative will serve to fill the vacuum...