La guerra del football has started

My dear, the battle of football is here - and I mean here in Gibraltar!

Como que esta todo que no lo conozco, dear Cynthia.

My darling husband thought that football rows happened elsewhere, but not in our Gibraltar, dear Cloti. 

Bueno, there you are. En el GFA las cosas no andan bien, y los clubs are leaving.

It could be que el Beiso cannot handle el GFA porque it has become too big for him.

Well, he's tried to cover up the battle by saying it was no suprise to him, que te parece?

Oh dear, that is a poor excuse because if it is no surprise is because he has known about it, and if he has known about it he ought to have done something about it before it all got out of control, what dices tu about it?

I think que my husband would have called it an own goal, a lo mejor it's un penalty.

What I hear es que algunos andan por ahi en secret meetings, could be that a coup d'etat is being prepared o who knows what!

Bueno it's the least that can be expected, meetings by those who are concerned about the whole thing, what's wrong with that?

Nada, my dear, pero hasta los footballers andan revuelto, dicen que they want que el union should protect them.

Es que el Beiso se enfada por cualquier cosa, me dicen que if he doesn't like lo que sale in a free newspaper, he stops sending them Press releases, how about that!

How childish, I must say. Imaginate si el exodus de equipos keeps happening, a lo mejor sale un competition football association, and kicks por si pega.

Everything is possible in this day and age, pero the more who play football the better for the game, I would say, y yo no soy una futbolista.

You are not una futbolista pero you are una lista, my dear.

Bueno, let's see how it all ends, pero hasta hay rumours that Spanish people are buying into our football clubs, pero no se lo diga a nadie for now.

Scouts honour. Ta, ta.

And cheerio to you.