Dear Sir,

I would like to thank Mr. John Alfred Charles Bromfield FCIPS, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in his personal capacity for his response to my letter that appeared in Panorama on Wednesday 14th August 2019 entitled: There was a suggestion about the Queen’s Cinema. 

I believe that in 1992 the FCIPS together with the MCIPS, Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply was awarded a Royal Charter in recognition of its status as a centre of excellence. Therefore, my congratulations for that prestigious award.

Firstly, I would like to ask this gentlemen if he could kindly point out to me where exactly did I refer to a recommendation or accepted a recommendation in letter/article by Mr John Culatto in November 2013 in his new interview with minister for culture Mr Steven Linares titled: this is in Mr Bromfield letter in Panorama’s 16th of August 2019, in referring to me. I’m sorry, but I fail to see where.

I’m a free thinker, the following were and are my words and with respect, not Mr J.C .Culatto’s. The heading of my letter to Panorama of 3rd of December 2013 – Don’t demolish the Queen’s Cinema.

- And this is what I said: I personally feel that it should (not) be destroyed/demolished. On the contrary, it should be converted/refurbished, expert advise sought, and the interior upgraded to the high standards of theatres from around the world of a building of that size, and dimension, like is our Queen’s Cinema...

Mr Culatto ’s new interview with the minister of the 29th November 2013 is clear enough... the new Government announced plans to buy up the Queen’s Cinema and convert it into a state-of-the-art theatre...In 2015, very very positively it announced that the Queen’s Cinema is to be the new Queens’s National Theatre in the 2015 manifesto, of our government. Many people were looking forward to that reality and excited by this, including myself. I’m in favour of retaining the Queen’s building, and hotel if there are plans to demolish the latter one too, and keeping it.

I Believe that the first ever movie/film to be screened was OKLAHOMA! A cowboy musical, At the Queen’s Cinema . According to experimental film maker Ms. Nina Danino’s website-The Queen’s Cinema opened in 1957 and is one of the few remaining historic cine-mas in Europe, and is architecturally intact. So, it’s not as Mr. Bromfield alleges that it’s in a near dangerous condition, he says demolish it before anyone gets hurt!! I would ask Mr. Bromfield FCIPS, in his personal capacity, if his done already perhaps a structural survey of the Queen’s Cinema building? Has our government engaged the services of a quantity surveyor or a structural engineer? The Queen’s Cinema building is only 72 years old, and as strong, or stronger than the 110 recently refurbished 1909 Police Barrack’s which was found to be structurally sound.

Our government has to be congratulated for not destroying the Police Barracks and for having handed the site to a developer who have had the vision of combining and blending in old architecture with a modern one .Which is admirable and amazing.

To end this letter I would like to say that I’m grateful to Mr. Bromfield. And that I, like him too, I understand completely his point of view too, and his absolute rights to his opinions .To voice it for everyone to read without offending the interest or sensibilities of anyone.

Finally, if it is the case that a high-rise building is going to be constructed at the site of Queen’s Cinema please check the wider picture underground the Queen’s Cinema, and adjacent Boyd’s Street. There are tunnels next to what was the Dockyard main gates, not existent anymore .There were rumours in the 1970’s that these tunnels run under Boyd’s Street and Queen’s buildings and that there had been upper exterior ground geological movement.

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully,

Joseph Lezano