'Emergency talks under way with Spain to prevent No Deal Brexit border logjam'

EMERGENCY talks are under way with Spain to try to stop Brussels from strangling Gibraltar with a No Deal Brexit border logjam.

An EU Commission edict is demanding that passports of all travellers between Britain and the EU must be stamped if the UK leaves without an agreement, including into the Rock, says a report by The Sun's political editor Tom Newton Dunn. 

But 15,000 workers cross into the British territory every week day morning using just one entrance, as well as tourists.

The Brussels edict leave many unable to get to work and Gibraltar’s economy in peril, its bosses fear.

A senior Gibraltar government source told The Sun: “If Brussels purposely tries to snarl things up just to spite Britain, it will be a total s***show.

“Almost nobody will get in or out. The Spanish won’t be able to come in to work. Spain doesn’t want that, and neither do we, which is why we are talking to them now.”

The Rock’s government has invested in emergency supplies of more desks as well as ink in a bid to limit the border queues.

The EU Commission’s edict about passport stamps was issued on March 25 this year, ahead of the initial Brexit deadline.

It is also expected to mean longer queues for British tourists or businessmen entering mainland Europe, as they will all have to get ‘wet stamps’ in their passports too.