Casemates Square problems: Action needed

Dear Sirs,

When Casemates barracks was turned into restaurants and bars, each were allotted terrace space on the square. Each night the tables and chairs would be removed and then placed again next morning. 

Initially the terrace had umbrellas, but because these would fly off at the slightest of winds, the businesses then placed awnings and removed the umbrellas.

Unfortunately, in the name of greed, the restaurants have self-increased their allotted terrace space further and further out, occupying more of the square, and using umbrellas in areas where the awnings do not reach. (The original area is upto where the awnings are placed). The umbrellas already fly off, even in summer, with a slight breeze, and this is an accident waiting to happen.

The vast majority of residents of Casemates House, (one is owned by Govt dept), and nine out of the twelve retailers have to suffer on a daily basis. The square is a filthy mess, and tables and chairs are hardly removed, so the cleaners can no longer clean adequately. This leads to potential health issues, totally ignored.

The retailers are effected, as their businesses are blocked off by the ever expanding terraces of the restaurants. The bars and restaurants are of the belief that if they carry on expanding out, the Government will give them the extra space and they can put even more awnings.

The square is used for parades and other events, and if one asked the relevant organisers of these, they will tell you how difficult it is to deal with the bars and restaurants, as their attitude is that they OWN the square and no one can tell them what to do, not even Government authorities.

We have this to the attention of the Town Planner and Town planning department and to the ministry concerned. To date nothing has been done.

It would seem the relevant department is not interested at all and have not even written back, after letters and requests to take action.

It is with that lack of action, that we write to yourselves to ask that this letter be published so that the relevant Government department can see the damage being done, because they are doing nothing about it, even though they have received numerous complaints about it.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

On Behalf of Casemates House Management Ltd.