Spanish frontier queue chaos

There were people in the frontier queue exiting Spain yesterday - and what an experience that was!

From early afternoon, it was taking a couple of hours to get through. 

The situation was chaotic and this is because there is no control on the Spanish side - and also because motorists do not know if there are two queues coming in or if it is only one.

Whereas at the Gibraltar side of the frontier, officers control the queue, this is not so on the Spanish side. Hence, it is a free for all. There are people who break into the queue, which is wrong, and there are others who use the second lane, which is normally HALF-EMPTY, TO REACH THE BORDER BEFORE THOSE ON THE FIRST QUEUE, WHICH TEND TO GO BACK TO CAMPAMENTO AT TIMES. This is because some think the second queue is not valid.

There are those people who think you are breaking the queue when you use the second lane, but that may not be the case, because there are Spanish signs which advise motorists which lane to use whether or not they have anything to declare when they reach customs.

But the whole thing is further complicated because the two queues then become one as you go straight on to the border, which then end up being two queues! Clearly, information is required to avoid the chaos. Many wonder where is the cooperation that we often hear about?