El disunity could end with our Gibraltar

How can the Hopposition say that there is a lack of information when the Governation has shown the enormity of public contacts, inc luding 20 briefings with them? 

No se, querida Cynthia, it could be that when they attend those meetings they think they are in slumberland, what else?

Well, it could be that all they do in the Hopposition is finding faults, porque what they claim no tiene peso, my dear Cloti.

Es que it all becomes party politics, and even if they are consulted, on twenty occasions I must say, they keep harping on el politiqueo.

There you are, the facts are there, so why cannot there be more unity in our Gibraltar?

Unity went with the levanter wind, I must say. Pero the way we are going, vamos a terminar mal, my dear.

Dear me, es que el oportunismo es lo que manda, Cloti dear.

It's like lo de increasing the number of MPs. Surely those who know whether more are required must be those who do the work, surely, and not very Tom, Dick or Harry.

Bueno, es que in our Gibraltar todo el mundo thinks that what has to be done is what he or she wants. I mean, we vote a Governation in and then we try to determine what is their programme, verdad?

Eso es una verdad bigger than un templo, todos a la calle for this and for that.

Mi querido husband remembers when there was a handful of hellected members in what was then our Legislature. In today's world, there would still be a handful, oh dear, dear me.

I imaginate that those who stage street protests these days, would not like it if they were in power, I'm sure.

Pero que sure estoy yo tambien. Let's see como queda todo esto del Brexit poque la cosa esta super caliente in the mother country.

Digo que si, pero don't forget that the more European we are, the less British we become, what do you think?

Se lo preguntare a mi husband. Cheerio.

Adios blancaflor.