Carmen Gomez Diary

Carmen Gomez
Carmen Gomez Diary

Loss of women’s free voice

The freedom of speech that Pope Benedict and Pope Francis had so often advocated, has had to be abandoned in the matter of a magazine which was launched in 2012 called “Women, Church, World,” which comes in a monthly supplement in the Vatican daily paper. 

Up until recently, this publication which was meant to tackle prejudices and preconceived ideas about the Catholic Church and its attitude towards women, was published by a woman editor and wholly run by women. However she and the eleven others, who sat on the editorial board, have resigned so they say, due to a climate of distrust and progressive de-legitimisation. The newspaper’s editor says they have returned to the practice of selecting women under direct male control, who ensure obedience under a culture of silence and secrecy within the hierarchy. How disappointing!


Paper gives us a past. Old photographs and faded mementos which mark a trail through a well lived life. It is said that 400 million metric tons of paper are produced annually. As an industrial commodity, paper ranks among giants such as petroleum and steel. They say that in the US, most pulp comes not from wild woods, but from forests that are managed primarily for paper production; and that more trees are destroyed by fire, than used for paper making; with 39% of fibre used for paper making coming from recycled paper. The arrival of paper was the real advent of the printed word, with mass printing responsible for the big spreading of news and ideas. It is used in celebrations in the form of explosions of paper streamers which takes place on our National Day celebrations, in place of balloons; reminiscent of the long fibres of Washi handmade Japanese paper which are strong enough for kites to battle against the strong winds.

Paint the people blue

Watching the desperate scenes in Hong Kong over the weekend, and witnessing the tactics of the Chinese police and their blue dyed water canons directed towards peaceful protesters; made me think back to the time of persecution of people considered as the enemy of the state; when signs were painted on doors to let the police and everyone know where they lived. Paint the people blue and then we can later identify them and incarcerate them! These were actions taken against the protesters by their very own people, which is the worst kind of persecution. Brother against brother. Actions of supposed national salvation, of the sort which has always been essential to fascism, clothed in communism.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams when watching the film with the above title, that there might be a possibility of such a car being manufactured in the future? Well one Franky Zapata; professional world champion of aquatic motor ski; whose desire to be a helicopter pilot was dashed because of being colour blind; flew across the English Channel just recently; a 22 mile crossing, which he covered in 22 minutes; on a fly-board powered by four turbo jet engines. This after having lost two fingers of one hand in its turbines during the maiden flight. Following from this amazing exploit of his, it appears that the French military establishment has given him £1.1 million to go towards a development grant to create a flying car; something which is his ultimate challenge.

Balcony Craziness

There is nothing worse for me than hearing a child crying. The other day at home I could hear a young girl crying out for her mother. Her cries becoming higher pitched each time and desperate sounding. It has often been the case where I have witnessed parents chatting to someone whilst a child seeking attention cries out to be listened to. However on this occasion the crying was so heartbreaking and insistent that I decided to go out into the balcony and see for myself what the problem was. I looked this side and that of the street, but could not see anything. As the cries became louder I suddenly looked up to a balcony on the tower opposite to mine and saw this very little girl, dressed in a pretty frock, kicking the s… out of a closed glass door which she was also hitting with something she held in her hand, whilst she continued her tantrum. I could not believe my eyes. She had apparently been locked out; something I have witnessed people do with their dogs; I assumed because she had misbehaved. I tried hushing her from across my balcony to no avail. Eventually the mother appeared; had a quick word and let her in. I was furious for the upset this had caused me, and appalled at the way some parents appear not to have any idea whatsoever on how to teach their children manners, and definitely not caring one iota for the rest of us living in the vicinity!