Leo Olivero

‘Public Consultation Ends Today’

The sharing of public roads should also mean sharing responsibilities, this latter point is where the controversy regarding electric or the ‘E-Scooter’ has caused division across the Rock. 

Lax Application of the Law

The issue not helped by the lax or non-existent application of the law which has clearly seen an even bigger surge in use of these scooters as they begin to flood roads, while other naughty scooter users prefer to take short cuts along public pavements and pathways, which in most cases are potential accidents waiting to happen.

The government aware of the public controversy surrounding this issue issued a consultation paper earlier in the year, which they extended until ‘TODAY’.

In their last statement on the issue when extending the consultation period the Government pointed out that the ‘consultation aims to determine the impact of electric scooters and determine the pros and cons. Legislation has to ensure respect for the Highway Code against any misuse. This will increase the need for enforcement and therefore policing requirements.

It’s difficult to gauge impact with existing numbers, planning needs to be long term and looking forward allow for an increase in their popularity.

Although the consultation paper is on the regulation of personal transporters-regulation is one of the options, with the other being an outward ban’.

In a previous statement the Government noted they had been closely monitoring developments worldwide, particularly within Europe in relation to the recent proliferation of personal transporters or electric scooters. Gog adding, that, the appearance of this technology on roads, public areas and pavements have seen countries, cities and municipalities grappling to understand and, indeed, decide how to legislate and regulate for these devices. Indeed, some countries have started to report injuries as a results, some very serious and even fatal in nature”.