Together Gibraltar says it commends Government on the publishing of a Bill to delete the discriminatory clause 6b in the Marriage Act and congratulates the LGBTQ+ for what is another victory in the fight for a society that is free from prejudice. 

In 2016 when the Marriage Act was amended to enable same-sex marriages to take place, Together Gibraltar Leader Marlene Hassan Nahon published amendments of her own in order to abolish clause 6b, which was squarely shot down by Government and only gathered three votes for from the Opposition side. Today, we celebrate that Government has accepted her argument that there is no place in our community for this discriminatory clause.

Mrs Hassan Nahon said: “I am thrilled that Government has published this Bill which will see the end of such ‘protection’ for Deputy Registrars. It is a victory for our community in general but in particular for the LGBTQ+ community who will now enjoy the same treatment and service as any other citizen wishing to marry. However, this matter which has now been put right, should have been done so, solely out of principle, and not simply, incidentally because Government have noted that ‘the protection has not been required’ in the last three years.

"Governments have a responsibility not only to serve needs, but also to drive forward principles of equality. Nevertheless, it is certainly a step forward in our fight for equal rights and I commend Government, and especially minister Sacramento."