*Chief Minster’s Address at the Andrea Bocelli Event

Welcome to this musical celebration of Gibraltar.

Half a century ago, the frontier gates slammed shut.

Five decades ago hearts were broken. 

Fifty years ago families were torn apart.

We will never forget.

We will never forgive.

We will never forget those Gibraltarians who fought for freedom in the world wars of the last century.

We will never forget those Gibraltarians who were evacuated from their homes on our beloved Rock.

We will never forget those Gibraltarians who voted for freedom in the referendum of 67.

And we will never forgive those who divided families, broke hearts and separated good people on both sides of the frontier.

Today, we celebrate the sacrifices of that closed frontier generation.

And we celebrate the friendship, support and commitment of those who helped us in our time of need.

Thanks to all of them, the last siege of Gibraltar failed.

They all have.

They all will.

The people of Gibraltar will forever grow.


And will, forever, thrive in this, OUR homeland.

In peace, goodwill and in friendship with all around us.