Not one inch of rock to Spain, says Boris Johnson

*FULL text of video message by Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

Happy National Day, everyone!

I trust the festivities are going well, that the flags are up and the bunting is out. 

We're certainly joining in here at Downing Street, because the 10th of September is a great day to celebrate everything that makes Gibraltar and Gibraltarians such a special part of the British family.

And it's also the perfect opportunity to reiterate our utterly implacable support for Gibraltar's place within that family.

It is support that remains every bit as solid as the Rock itself, and nothing is going to change that – including our departure from the European Union at the end of next month.

The UK government has been working hand-in-glove with the Chief Minister and his team to prepare Gibraltar not just for Brexit day itself, but also for all the opportunities that will follow.

Gibraltar has really been showing the world what it has to offer of late, whether that's in the enormous success of the Island Games or the truly world-class array of talent assembled for the Year of Culture.

And I'm looking forward to working with you to continue that through Brexit and beyond, building a future for Gibraltar and the UK that is prosperous, ambitious and – above all – united.

Because today it is more than half a century since you voted to firmly remain British, almost two decades since you said no to shared sovereignty.

And if there's one thing I know about democracy it's that politicians can't just ignore referenda in the name of political expediency.

So that means not one inch of rock, not one slice of calentita, not one hair on the head of one Barbary macaque will ever be given up without the express consent of the people who call Gibraltar home.

The year ahead is going to bring some change and I'm sure some challenges.

But our partnership, our family – forged, fabricated and tested over more than 300 years – is more than up to the test.

We are stronger together and we always will be together.

So have a very happy Gibraltar National Day.