Gibraltar propelled to the pinnacle of world music

Joe Garcia
Gibraltar propelled to the pinnacle of world music

The Bocelli concert has propelled Gibraltar to the pinnacle of world music. Since he has been dubbed 'the world's most beloved tenor' it is not surprising that tickets were sold out in no time. 

Gibraltar knew of the greatness of Andrea Bocelli. And 8,000 people attended the concert, part of the Bocelli 2019 world tour.

That a tiny place like Gibraltar was able to stage such a show, that it was successfully organised, that Bocelli received one standing ovation after another, represented recognition of the greatness of the world superstar - and of Gibraltar's ability to stage such a world-class event.

At just £30 per ticket, of course the Government must have subsidised the event, otherwise the tickets would have cost much more which could have acted as a deterrent for some, but the reduced ticket price opened the doors to those who may not have been able otherwise to fork out a much higher fee. It was an occasion for everyone.

From here, the Bocelli show goes on to Madison Square Gardens in New York, where the cheapest ticket will be around £150.

The Bocelli show was a brilliant and an unforgettable night, supported by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, the Gibraltar choir collective and local dancers Nicole Valverde and Jordan Bautista.