Leo Olivero

While Gibraltar for the last 4 or 5 days has been busy letting off plenty of social and community steam. Panorama can today reveal that the Spanish Government has been doing quite the opposite.

Although some in Gibraltar may not believe it, Madrid still considers Gibraltar one of the most complex and important issues they have on their international agenda. And as you would expect, Madrid will always take every opportunity to get one over the Rock when they think we are not looking! 

Panorama understands from sources over the border and in the Spanish capital that over the last few days there has been a number of none publicised meetings. Which we are told are a continuation of similar meetings held last week at a top political gathering of Ministers at La Moncloa that was chaired by acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

Last weeks high level meeting in Madrid was billed as an extraordinary get-together of ministers to review the contingency approved in March, so as to lessen the blow of the UK’s potential no-deal exit from the European Union at the end of October?

As we understand, these meetings were not held with Ministers present, although we were told that such was the nature of the meetings, that ministers were available and contactable if required. Heading this latest Spanish political Brexit get together, with an increased focus on Brexit and we understand Gibraltar were a host of senior Spanish officials. Including members of the Junta de Andalucía and other unmentioned regions of Spain, as well as senior elements representing the Armed Forces, Guardia Civil, Police, Customs and the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria and others also not named.

Sources confirm Gibraltar was the subject of discussions, including the Frontier and workers, also the Port, no other details were made available.