USA backs the Rock

As we revealed yesterday, the US Ambassador in London Woody Johnson sent Gibraltar greetings on National Day for all the world to see in Twitter. 

His message was this: "Happy Gibraltar National Day! As part of the British family, Gibraltar is a ROCK of our Special Relationship – an important part of America’s history, and a vital part of our security today."

This is an important political development which maks public the good elatikons that have always existed , and how Gibraltar is very much part of the British family and by extension, as the ambassadfor puts it, "an important part of America's history, and a vital part of our security today."

Some observers have already noted that the US policy of adopting an independent stance obviously because of their Spanish military connections is no longer so, which is a signficant move in international relations and diplomacy.

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo lost no time in replying as follows: "Thank you Ambassador Johnson for your kind message on this special day for our nation. We will always be a friendly and safe harbour for the US Armed Forces in the Mediterranean! The Special Relationship is as important to Gibraltar as it is to the rest of the UK!"