Dear Sir,

With reference to the above recently published in the local media I would like to request the circulation of the following on behalf of our group:

We, at Action for Housing, note with much interest the Government’s recent public announcement on the “Regeneration of Road to the Lines” that will apparently yield 100 studio flats. The Government has described these as being for “low cost rental”. 

The Government has invited proposals from developers interested in the site, and a condition of the expression of interest is that the studio flats are for “low cost rental” and not for sale.

We welcome the construction of this type of accommodation and we welcome the fact that at long last this long neglected area of the Upper Town will be regenerated, something we have been asking for many years.

Needless to say we would prefer for Government to provide these much needed studio flats and not private sector developers.

However, before we comment any further on this development the Government would have to provide more information.

We would need to know the eligibility criteria for these rental flats and also what the rent would be.

We agree with Dr Garcia that this is not an easy area in which to build. Consequently, these construction difficulties will of necessity have a financial bearing on the cost of construction.

We think therefore that Government should bear the cost of any infrastructural works that need to be done, thus helping to make the flats as low cost rental as possible.

We look forward to any future announcements on this project.

H Pinna

For Action for Housing