New Gibraltar movement would stop planned Spanish demonstration in Gibraltar

by PANORAMA reporter

Juan Jose Uceda, spokesman for the association of Spanish workers in Gibraltar ASTEG, is arranging for a demonstration to take place in Gibraltar because there is concern in La Linea of job losses flowing from a Hard Brexit. But in Gibraltar there would be opposition to Spaniards staging a demonstration here. 

Gibraltar’s New Movement has decided that if these protests go ahead, "we would boycott the demonstration and demand they leave and demonstrate on Spanish soil, not on British soil," said Trevor Bickerstaff, co-founder and spokesperson for Gibraltar's New Movement.

They give the following as the main reasons for the boycott:

*It is not up to Gibraltar to be concerned with unemployment of residents in Spain, which is a different territory under the Spanish Government's jurisdiction, also the Brexit process is solely under the British Government's responsibility to negotiate with the EU and any interventions by an unauthorised union on our territory is considered as an act of provocation.

They add: "We Gibraltar's New Movement will not tolerate an illegal union not of our territory to interfere with our internal affairs especially with the constant bullying of Gibraltar, its frontier with Spain and harassment towards our people to continue and we would boycott any attempt by this Spanish union to implement their plans on our British rock.

"If this Spanish union, which is not the local union of Gibraltar or recognised by the people of Gibraltar, wish to put their concerns across due to instability and lack of jobs, it should be put forward to the Spanish Government and protested in Spain, not here in Gibraltar.

"Gibraltar's New Movement will not put up with an outside union holding demonstrations on our soil and urge them to reconsider and protest to the Government of their land which is Spain, not Gibraltar. Gibraltar is British and remains British and out of their jurisdiction for as long as we the people want to remain British."

[The demonstration is planned for next month.]


Chief minister Fabian Picardo will meet La Linea's mayor Juan Franco and the president of the small/medium businesses of La Linea, Loren Perianez, at No.6 Convent Place today, at the request of the Spaniards.

It is expected that the main issue will be the latest advances for the preparation of Brexit, as there is increasing concern in the Campo area over a Hard Brexit and the implications for the thousands of Spanish workers.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to consider matters of cooperation, as Gibraltar does not want any negative changes at the frontier so, clearly, if the Spanish are concerned about their prospects, not only workers but also businesses, they should address such concerns to the Spanish government so that Brexit does not adversely affect either side of the frontier, which is what Gibraltar wants.

Asked what he would do if the frontier ended up as good as closed, a Spanish worker said: I would jump over the fence.