ELECTION! - ‘Now is not the time for novices or has beens. Now is not the time for political experiments nor for political spent forces’ - says Picardo

ELECTION! - ‘Now is not the time for novices or has beens. Now is not the time for political experiments nor for political spent forces’ - says Picardo


Yesterday saw Chief Minister Fabian Picardo meet with the Governor Lieutenant General Edward Davis before announcing the General Election which is to be held on the 17th of October, just 30 days away. 

At a Press conference yesterday, this was the Chief Minister's announcement:

“I have just returned from the Convent where I have advised His Excellency the Governor Lieut General Edward Davis to dissolve the Gibraltar Parliament. I have called a general election for Thursday the 17th of October. 

"That date also happens to be the date set for the next meeting of the European Council after which I hope, like everyone else, that we will be able to have some certainty on what Brexit holds. That is the moment when Gibraltar will most need a government with a new strong mandate. A government ready to lead this nation through whatever lies ahead. Gibraltar will need settled and strong leadership going into Brexit, especially if there is also to be an election in the UK and in Spain thereafter.


"I had agreed the date the election would be called and the date of the election with the Deputy Chief Minister some time ago and of course prior to his departure for the United Kingdom this weekend. Given the prevailing political climate, we both felt it was important that his visit to the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth should go ahead. He is hosting the new Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson later this afternoon.

"Indeed our work on international lobbying to defend and promote Gibraltar will continue despite the election having been called. I also expect to travel during the campaign when necessary. We already have strong relationships with the key players in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere and these relationships are hugely important now.

“And specifically on Brexit, I must say this to the whole community. This is a time for strong and proven leadership, Gibraltar is ready for any type of Brexit, or no Brexit. We do not wish to leave the European Union, but if we leave, however we may leave, we are ready. And with the right leadership, we will thrive like we have always thrived. I sincerely believe that there has never been a moment in our history where the choice of this community’s political leadership has been more important. I believe this community is now faced with a simple choice at a very complex time.

"Now is not the time for novices or has beens. Now is not the time for political experiments nor for political spent forces. Now more than ever it is time for the proven, for the successful, for the tried and tested. In 32 days time, you the people will have the power to once again choose the GSLP Liberal Government that has succeeded in every possible way for the benefit of this community, with unprecedented levels of investment in our children’s education, with unprecedented levels of investment in our health services, with unprecedented levels on investment in our sports facilities and culture. With unprecedented levels of investment in the building of new homes for our people.”


“With commitment demonstrated like never before to our environment and to equality. We have invested in your money in sowing the seeds in the best Gibraltar we can be. The Gibraltar every generation of Gibraltarians deserves, and we have done so whilst navigating through the most significant challenges this community has ever known. The choice before the electorate is stark and it is binary. You can choose the wrong people for the job, or you can choose the right people for the job again.

"Over the next four and a half weeks, the GSLP Liberals will work hard to earn your continued support on October the 17th. We will take nothing for granted, and neither should you. Every voter who wants a GSLP Liberal government will need to vote for us and leave nothing to chance. We will now begin the process of selecting our candidates for the election. I wish to take this opportunity to thank my Ministerial team for everything they have already done for this community we all love so dearly. They have all worked as many hours as necessary to keep this community positive and working despite some of the greatest challenges we have ever faced. My personal and sincere thanks to each of them.


“New schools have opened today that are a triumph of investment in our youngest generation. New homes are being sold today to a new generation of home owners. A new power station is today providing the secure supply of electricity that our nation needs. New sporting facilities are being finalised for our sports men and women. New primary care facilities for our children have already opened and in coming days, a new primary care centre for adults will be opening also. But those things are done, and there is yet more to do.

"There are things that in our current manifesto we have been unable to complete because of logistics and because of Brexit, let's not pretend otherwise, but I am hugely excited that we will soon be publishing our manifesto for the next four years. It will be a manifesto which will demonstrate that the GSLP Liberals will continue to have the best ideas for our community. It will be an exciting manifesto with the best ideas in all areas, a manifesto which will once again show that we know where we are taking Gibraltar. A manifesto to keep making Gibraltar fairer, better balanced and socially just. A manifesto for our children, for our workers and for our elderly. A manifesto for all generations of Gibraltarians. "Because we are a party of all generations of Gibraltarians and this election is about securing the future of all generations of Gibraltarians. I want to thank the whole of Gibraltar for the confidence it has deposited in us so far. You have chosen the right team for the job of Government in 2011 and in 2015. In October the 17th choose the right team again, choose the GSLP Liberals.”