Dear Sir,

As as regular visitor to Gibraltar, I hear many complaints about traffic and roads. Local people are no exception, so this seems to be a problem afflicting many. Why is it that enough is not being done to correct such a visible problem? 

I do not know the answer, but now that an election is due, I think that the remedy is quite straightforward: The Government cannot afford to have lame-ducks in an election , and the answer might be to get rid of the present minister for traffic, or whatever he is called, which I understand is someone named Balban. At least that is the name I often hear about.

There are other matters relating to traffic which also concern many people, after all if they have cars, there are many other issues that arise.

For example, there is a central parking garage which tends to be quite dirty. It does not require someone in a high pedestal to spot what ordinary users do. There are lifts which are also quite dirty as well as not functioning properly, giving even one floor when you are in another!

Such matters, plus the general traffic downtrend, can be quite infuriating, I must say. I know that people here look out at the deficiencies that one encounters on the other side of the frontier, but when Spain has been improving, with clean and efficient parking garages and so on, the comparison is obvious, and works against Gibraltar.

I hope no one is offended by my comments, but as a regular visitor to Gibraltar, I think I am entitled to stick my neck out and point out to what needs being done, in the best interests of Gibraltar.

Yours faithfully,

C.A. Robbins