The GSD team for the 2019 General Elections will be GSD Leader Keith Azopardi, Freddie Ballester, Damon Bossino, Roy Clinton, Danny Feetham, Trevor Hammond, Elliott Phillips, Edwin Reyes, Joelle Wahnon-Ladislaus and Orlando Yeats.

Keith Azopardi said: “I am delighted to be leading this strong team into the election. It combines political, Parliamentary and Ministerial experience with freshness and energy. It is a team that is ready for the BREXIT challenge and to navigate our community forward. 

"As I said when this election was called last Monday people will want to ensure that parties aspiring to govern have the core competence to do so. For the many people who want change we offer a strong, competent team that could govern as from 18 October if the people of Gibraltar so choose. Seven members of the team have Parliamentary or Ministerial experience. They should have no doubt we are ready for the job.

“This next election will be a choice between two very different ways of doing things – the GSLP way of unaccountable practices and economic opaqueness and the offering we will make to people at this election of accountability, transparency, change, reform and fairness. Now that the team has been selected we will be setting out our clear message on the big issues of the day.

"We will have a strong manifesto, ready for Government. It will be an exciting and comprehensive programme for change. We will be campaigning under the slogans “The Future You Deserve” and “You Can Make it Happen.” In coming days we will be rolling out our ideas on the environment, housing, social services and workers’ rights among many others.”