The Government’s persistent and stubborn refusal to construct housing for rental other than for pensioners is causing serious hardship and distress to those who are unable to rent in the private sector or partake of die so called low-cost housing under the 50/50 housing scheme. These include those unable to obtain mortgages either because they are low earners or are elderly, says Action for Housing.

And add: Many of these persons are living in very sub-standard private sector dwellings, or live in acute overcrowded conditions very sub-in Government flats, but yet are not high enough on the waiting list to be re-housed into Government flats with the urgency that they merit because of their dire housing conditions.

To better illustrate what the situation is we produce a snap shot of some of these cases. Because of Data Protection we omit their names and full address. However, the Housing Department knows who these persons are because they are amongst some of the one hundred cases we have in our agenda and which we bring to the notice and discuss with Housing Officials during our monthly meetings.


Mrs. M. of Lime Kiln Road. Over seventy years old lady. We took this case in October 2016. Categorised as a social and medical A+ case. No date given as to when she will be offered an allocation.

Mr. L.H. of Turnbulls Lane. We took this case in December 2017. Elderly gentleman living in very sub-standard accommodation in the private sector.

Medically categorised on the medical A+ list He is almost blind. Waiting to be re-housed. No date given as to when this will happen.

Mr. O.A.O. of Carreras Passage. Married couple, son aged 22, and two daughters aged 16 and 2 respectively. They live in a flat comprising two rooms. The eldest daughter suffers from seizures. They are on the pre-list but medically categorised on the medical A+ list. No date given as to when they will be re-housed.

Mrs. S.A.Q. of Castle Ramp. Eighty plus old lady living on her own. Has difficulty accessing her private sector flat because of the many steps she has to negotiate. Categorised on the medical A+ list No date given for rehousing.

Mr. R.G. Middle aged gentleman became homeless ate separating from his wife. Placed on the social list this June, but because he is quite low on the waiting list will have to wait a long time before he is given a Government flat. He cannot afford to rent in the private sector.

Mrs. C.T. of Lime Kiln Steps. Sixty five year old lady in very poor health. Applied for housing some four years ago. In June this year she was placed on the medical A+ list, but because she is very low on the list it will take a long time before she is re-housed.

Mrs. I.A. of Crutchetts Ramp. Young lady who shares flat with parents and two other children. Suffers from a very serious medical condition. There are medical letters dating back to 2017. She is currently on the medical A+ list, but no date given as to when she will be re-housed.

Mrs. S.H. of Carreras Passage. Elderly lady living on her own on a little room with very limited facilities for cooking, washing, etc. Has to climb many steps to get to her dwelling. Last time we checked her position on the waiting list she was 185 on the one RKB list which means it will be years before she is offered a Government flat, if she lasts that long.

Mr.A.B. and wife of Castle Road. Elderly couple living in a tiny room which serves as living room, bedroom, and kitchen. They have a tiny bathroom adjoining this tiny room. They share a communal toilet out in the common patio. He has various medical conditions, and was recently discharged from hospital and sent back to live in these appalling conditions. Is currently on the medical waiting list, but we do not know when they will be re-housed.

M.H. and S.K. of town Range. Couple with young son. They live in a small two bedroom flat on a top floor. They share a communal toilet Both father and son suffer from health problems. We have had this case since February 2015. They are still waiting to be re-housed. Last time we checked their position on the waiting list they were on 9 position and will still have to wait a considerable length of time before they are given a Government accommodation.

Mrs. R.M. of Prince Edwards Road. Seventy plus old lady living on her own in a dilapidated flat with no inside toilet Applied fin: housing in February 2012. Currently on the one RKB list on 245 position. Very little chance of being re-housed.

Mr. A.M. and wife and young child of Town Range. living in what used to be a washroom (lavadero) on the fourth floor with no lift. Mr. A.M. suffers from asthma and the dwelling is very humid. We took the case in December 2015. They are still on 6 position on the waiting list, and we do not know when they will be made an offer of accommodation.

Mr. M.M. of Smith Dorrien Avenue. Couple with young son who suffers from health problems but as yet has not been medically categorised. They are currently 20 on the four RKB list and it will take years before they are rehoused given that this is a very slow-moving list.

Mr. M.A. of Lynches Lane. Elderly couple living in appalling conditions. They have to climb many steps to access their dwelling. Mr. M.A. is in poor health and was recently discharged from hospital and has had to return to this dwelling which is hardly fit for human habitation. He is now home-bound. He is currently 39 on the medical A+ list which means a long wait before they are re-housed.

Mrs. C.H. of Mid Harbours Estate. Couple with two young children living with parents and another adult in a two-bedroom flat. Five adults and two children living in a two-bedroom flat. Acute overcrowding. Currently on 15 position on the 4 RKB list which is a very slow-moving list.

Mrs E.P. of Montagu Gardens. Six adults and four children living in a three-bedroom flat. Acute overcrowding. They are currently 35 on the waiting list and 8 on the social list for a 4 RKB flat. They will still have to wait a long time for a Government allocation.


These cases are just a sample of a much greater reality which demonstrates the fact that demand for Government housing for rental does not, by any stretch of the imagination, match the number of flats which Government is able to provide.

It is intolerable and a social injustice that so many applicants, including serious medical cases, the homeless, and other social cases should be made to wait for years on end for decent accommodations.

We think It is about time that this Government, or any future Government accepted the fact that providing so-called low-cost housing and flats for pensioners is not enough, that there is a gap that needs to be filled, and that is Government housing for rental.