After finding the determination to enter the world of Politics to try and add diversity to a divided “Party Politics atmosphere”, you again realise that the decision makers in policy making do not have sympathy for the weaker strata of society in many issues of life, including elections. 

We are allowed as normal citizens to stand as independents, but in what is the most influential media exposure, we are filtered by GRA (Gibraltar Regulatory Authority) policy on having “PERCEIVED PUBLIC SUPPORT” so:

Robert Vasquez cannot take part in the “democracy” debate and I J C Pons cannot take part in the “Environment” debate.

Other candidates, new in the arena are approved because they are part of a “party”.

Most humans are tired of “Political Parties” worldwide, count how many don’t vote or give blank votes!

Independents being diversity to Parliaments and rarely become blinded in power.

Policies should always have a ‘case by case’ clause, otherwise an elite will always have the final say.

Should be easy in a small place like Gibraltar. But like the rest of the world, Power is only at the top.

John Charles Pons