A legacy for Generations

A legacy for Generations


by GILBERT LICUDI, GSLP Liberal candidate

Gibraltar has seen a transformational change over the last eight years. It is a change which benefits all generations. It is also a change that will leave a legacy for generations to come. The evidence is around us for all to see. 

For our children we have new schools in what has clearly been a revolution in education. Our children are our future and no-one can doubt that there can be no better investment than investment in education.

For our sports men and women, we have brand-new world-class facilities. These were showcased during the Island Games and remain as a legacy for all Gibraltarians to enjoy. Sport and exercise are vital components of healthy living. The use of these facilities will no doubt contribute greatly to our health and quality of life.

We have built and are continuing to build affordable housing. Thousands have and will become proud owners of their own home contributing to happy and stable lives.

For our elderly, we have had huge developments in our care services. Working with the Gibraltar Alzeihmers and Dementia Society we have opened the Bella Vista day centre for those suffering with mild or moderate stages of these conditions. For those with more acute needs we have opened Hillsides, a new residential care facility. Together, these represent a milestone in the care services provided by the GSLP/Liberal Government to our community.

Young and old have seen significant investment by this Government in infrastructure projects. These are, of course, only possible if we have a strong economy. Our economy has never been stronger than it is under a GSLP/Liberal administration.

The job market is a clear indicator of the success of a country and its economy. We now have the highest number of people employed in Gibraltar than we have ever had. At the same time, we have the lowest levels of unemployment ever.

When we came into office in 2011, the figure of registered unemployed Gibraltarians was 502. The GSD at the time criticised our plans to bring unemployment down. They said that our Future Job Strategy would never work, that it was too expensive and that we would just create dead-end jobs.

The investment we have made has certainly been worthwhile. The Future Job Strategy did what it was designed to do and, in many cases, exceeded expectations.

As a direct result of that strategy, the number of unemployed Gibraltarians by the end of our first term had gone down to 207 – less than half of what we found. Our efforts continued into our second term and the number of unemployed Gibraltarians at the end of July of this year was 37 – the lowest unemployment figure in history since records began. It was also the eighth quarter in a row where the figure has been less than 100.

Our record on employment is no fluke. It is no accident. It is the result of successful implementation of our policies and of the great work carried out by the men and women of our Employment Service.

We live in trying and testing times. Brexit has created a great deal of uncertainty in Europe and in the UK.

What Gibraltar needs and what Gibraltar must have is stability. Now is not the time for experiments. It is time for a steady ship with steady hands. Only the GSLP/Liberals can provide that.

We have the experience and an outstanding record of successful policies and projects. We trust that, with your support, we will be able to continue to create a lasting legacy for Generations.