Making huge strides on many fronts

Making huge strides on many fronts


by Vijay Daryanani, GSLP Liberal candidate

I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be given this opportunity to stand for elections as a GSLP/Liberal candidate on October 17th.

During this election campaign, you will see that over the last eight years the GSLP/Liberal Government has been successful in making huge strides on many fronts. 

The economy continues to grow as predicted by the Government in 2015. GDP is up, net national debt is at a record low and new jobs have been created taking Employment figures to highest ever in Gibraltar.

The Government has increased the minimum wage since winning the elections in 2011, from £5.00 to £7.00, with a guaranteed increase to £7.50 as from 2021. The Government is committed to helping those in low paid jobs.

The GSLP/Liberal Government has, undoubtedly, put Gibraltar on the map when it comes to culture and leisure. The Gibraltar Music Festival has become a household name in Europe. Who would have thought that the best of rock and pop would be performing in our own back yard? The Government has kept ticket prices at an affordable level so that all our people can enjoy this wonderful event. The Andrea Bocelli concert was another example of how successful Gibraltar has become in attracting top names to our home.

The Government does not intend to stop there as it is currently in negotiations to bring the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil to Gibraltar. This would be seen as another coup for this nation of ours. This will create economic activity generally, but especially for our hotels, bars/restaurants and retail establishments.

This Government has also been hugely successful on social issues. This is what affects our people and no stone has been left unturned in improving the quality of life for our community.

In Housing 1000 new affordable homes were built in the first four years, with 1500 more to come on stream over the next four years.

Education has been a total revolution. Two St Bernard’s schools in the first four years, Notre Dame, St Anne’s and the two comprehensives during the second term, with more to come in the next four years!

Health has been another huge success. Ocean Views mental health facility, Hillside Dementia Home, Children’s Primary Care Centre and the new Primary Care Centre have all been built. New services have been introduced too, all to make life easier for our people.

In the heart of our city the stunning Commonwealth Park is proof of providing open green areas for everybody to enjoy. The new LNG power station is another fantastic investment for our future generations.

Personally, I have been involved in my family business on Main Street for over twenty-five years. My participation in several business organisations over the years has helped me develop ideas on how we can improve our services. I will be the voice of business and Main Street if you entrust us with your vote on October 17th.

With Brexit around the corner we cannot afford to take any chances. Now is not the time for political experiments. Fabian Picardo and Joseph Garcia have done a fantastic job in safeguarding our interests.

My reason for being in politics is clear. I want to do my bit for this great community, to help people and make the right changes for Gibraltar.

Now is time for the tried and tested. On October 17th, choose all ten GSLP/Liberal candidates to be your next Government. We will not let you down! I will not let you down!