Cross Frontier Group meet with Liberal Party

Cross Frontier Group meet with Liberal Party

The Cross Frontier Group met up with the Liberal Party yesterday morning with the intention of speaking with all four political parties in Gibraltar to get information about Brexit and the border.

The Group called a meeting months back, way before the announcement of the general election, to discuss the concerning factors of Brexit for business and employees in the local area, the problems that would arise as a result of a hard Brexit and to get an analysis of how the politics in the UK was going and how that would affect the Gibraltar economy and the economy in the Campo area. 

The meeting also allowed Cross-Frontier group members to mention how problems were at the border, how the problems are now.

The idea behind the meeting is to get an opinion and exchange views in relation to the frontier, Gibraltar’s economy and how to promote a situation of co-operation and make the best out of a very tricky situation for businesses on both sides.

The 5 year old Cross-Frontier Group consists of businesses and unions from both sides of the border, both Spain and Gibraltar, and claim to represent the main economic and social interests on either side of the border.

A spokesperson from the Cross Frontier group described the meeting as, ‘very fruitful’, with the Leader of the Liberal Party, Dr Joseph Garcia, who is also the Brexit minister, able to provide lots of ‘insightful’ information about the Brexit situation, the Group said.

The message that the group wants to get across is that they don’t want the border to be used as a political weapon, they want people, Madrid, London, and Europe to know that this is for the sake of not just businesses, but the implications of Brexit can also affect communities and people.

The Cross-Frontier Group is set to meet with the GSLP, GSD and Together Gibraltar political parties in the coming days to get some more information and to share their thoughts with one another.