Together Gibraltar release their manifesto

The fresh political party, founded just over two years ago, released their manifesto for their first General Election led by Marlene Hassan Nahon.

‘Believe in a better way’ is the slogan that is present in the 72 page manifesto. The structure of the manifesto consists of information of all the candidates and what their views of their allocated areas are, what they will introduce if elected into government and what they believe needs to be changed. 

‘We believe the most important value for a politician is honesty and Together Gibraltar has invested enormously in this value from the beginning.’

Ms Hassan Nahon says: ‘The values I grew up with have led me to wanting to dedicate my life to serving my community and making other people’s lives better.

‘We now ask you, the citizens of this proud and diverse community, to help us take an important step in this voyage. Our vision is one for a green, fair and democratic Gibraltar. A sustainable Gibraltar, free from corruption and nepotism, where everyone, not just an elite, has access to opportunity.’

In regards to a big political issue like Brexit, who TG’s Sian Jones would take responsibility for alongside the economy and Gibraltar’s financial sector if elected into Government, they say: ‘Whatever Brexit throws at us, we will confront it in the spirit of the values of community, solidarity and fraternity that has characterised our people. Together Gibraltar’s overriding objective is to mitigate the effects of Brexit on the lives of ordinary people.’

Like the GSLP Liberals and the GSD, Together Gibraltar’s manifesto can be available to view online on their website.